Oil & Gas

Visuron provides high performance elastomer systems specifically designed for primary and secondary containment offering solutions for a variety of demands within the Gas & Oil industry. We work with Gas & Oil producers to specify systems for unique applications as well as supply and support certified service contractors with a full line of proven spray systems and accessory materials to offer turnkey containment solutions. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering systems with 100% accurate test data from our “Proof of Concept” and QA/QC lab. Visuron has been fully functional for over 20 years offering products and support worldwide.

Our systems supplied to the Gas & Oil Industry are understood and approved by the EPA and state level departments in accordance with Method 9090. We have worked directly with both Gas & Oil producers and our network of certified service contractors offering 100% seamless containment solutions for areas on location not limited to: Production Facilities, Frac Tanks, Well Pads, Well Head Cellars, Water Impoundments, Pits, etc. With the demanding industry, we are currently functional and have extensive experience in the following regions; Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Michigan, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming and most recently North Dakota, Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan Canada.

Our ability to develop new proprietary systems for industry players has allowed Visuron to lead the way, not follow! Please see our case studies and featured systems to get an idea of how we can help you with the specification and/or development of a system.

  • Green Liner Prefabricated Composite Elastomer Liner

    Green Liner Prefabricated Composite Elastomer Liner

    Green Liner Prefabricated Composite Elastomer Liner

  • Rig Mats

    Rig Mats

Case Studies

  • Primary Containment Primary Containment

    Primary Containment

    PolyArmor 80-775 Primary Containment

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  • Production Facility Production Facility

    Production Facility

    PolyArmor 2000-80 Production Facility - Secondary Containment

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  • Waste Filling Station Waste Filling Station

    Waste Filling Station

    PolyArmor 2000-80 Waste Filling Station - Secondary Containment

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Spray System


  • PolyArmor Epoxy 10-000 | TDS