Visuron Technologies has your answer.  We have a diverse product line that was built solely for the purpose of protecting and saving lives. You can come to us with an idea and we will follow through with development, proof of concept and supply.  Our ability to custom formulate and develop systems allow us to be a leader in the development of proprietary thermoset systems in areas not limited to: blast mitigation, anti-spall, aerospace, anti-ballistics, IR technologies, and a variety of other proprietary concepts.

Beyond formulation development, we are an industry leader with a proof of concept laboratory allowing for your system to be fully tested with documented data. Our team of chemists and engineers excel at solving problems and creating solutions within the spec driven marketplaces.  Whether you are looking for a development and engineering laboratory to formulate and develop your proprietary system, or you are simply looking for a thermoset system supplier with over 200 years of combined experience, we can help you.

  • -60F Ballistic Self-Sealing Tank Composite

    -60F Ballistic Self-Sealing Tank Composite

  • ArmorSeal, self-sealing elastomer

    ArmorSeal, self-sealing elastomer


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  • Blastex Blast Mitigation Flooring for Vehicles

    Blastex Blast Mitigation Flooring for Vehicles

  • Quintium Transparent Armor

    Quintium Transparent Armor

Case Studies

All military products we work on are proprietary. 
No case studies can be published.


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