• Oil & Gas

    Visuron provides primary and secondary containment solutions for a variety of demands within the Gas & Oil industry. We work with Gas & Oil producers to specify systems for unique applications as well as supply and support certified service contractos with a full line of proven spray systems and accessory materials to offer turnkey containment solutions. We separate ourserlves from the competition by offering systems with 100% accurate test data form our "Proof of Concept" and QC lab. Visuron has been fully functional for over 20 yeas offering products and support worldwide.

  • Military

    Visuron Technology has your answer. We have a diverse product line that was built solely for the purpose of protecting and saving lives. You can come to us with an idea and we will follow through with development, proof of concept and supply. Our ability to custom formlate and develop systems allow us to be a leader in the development of proprietary thermoset systems in areas not limited to: blast mitigation, anti-spall, aerospace, anti-ballistics, IR technologies, and a variety of other proprietary concepts.

  • Industrial

    The Visuron Industrial division offers a full line thermoset spray and applied systems designed for flooring and spray applications. Our systems have been applied in a variety of flooring applications from Airplane hangars to big box retail outlets. The spray systems have been applied by contractors in areas such as commercial roofing, water and wastewater clarifiers and even cooling tower rehabilitation and dump truck beds. If you are looking for joint sealers, base coast and/or top coast; we have an answer.


We specialize in developing custom/proprietary systems and are unable to share most of the information on the products because of confidentiality/ contractual agreements. Some of our own developments/ IP are listed below.

Gas & Oil Division

Green Liner Prefabricated Composite  Elastomer Liner

Rig Mats

Roll-on Liner Sealing and Seaming System
Spray-on Polyurea Containment System

Military Division

-60F Ballistic Self-Sealing Tank Composite
Blastex Blast Mitigation Flooring for vehicles

Quintium Transparent Armor

Industrial Division

Anti-Static Industrial Floor Coating

Golf Ball Technologiesolf ball

High Chemical Resistant Polyurea Elastomers 

High Traffic Industrial Floor Coatings (Epoxy & Urethane)

Spray In Place Piping (SIPP) Infrastructure
Polymer Concrete for Industrial Flooring